Fish Tacos

Just the perfect amount of spicy!

So, last night I made my version of fish tacos.  Since we had t-ball practice from 5:30-6:45, I needed a quick meal.  We definitely cannot be eating rib-eye steak after every t-ball practice (sorry, son).  So, here is my quick version of fish tacos.  I hope I don’t offend anyone with my minced meat fish sticks.  (It kinda grosses me out if I think about it.)


  • frozen fish sticks
  • flour tortillas
  • fresh leaf spinach
  • chopped tomatoes
  • shredded cheddar
  • chipotle mayo

Just bake the fish sticks and warm up the tortillas.  Then spread the mayo on the tortilla, toss some fish sticks in, garnish with the spinach, tomatoes and cheese, and eat up.  I served this with sweet peas because the toddler loves peas right now. 

Here is a picture of my taco!

We all really enjoyed the tacos.  The children did not eat the spicy mayonaise on theirs.  As a matter of fact, they did not really eat tacos for dinner.  They ate tortillas, peas, fish sticks and more tortilla (about in that order).  I will probably make this again some time.  My husband loves nasty food like frozen fish sticks.

Talking Tom-A Must Have iPhone App

I often battle with the whole technology scene where my children are involved.  I posted earlier this year about how my toddler and five-year old both love the iPhone and iPod Touch.  Lately, the toddler is not so interested.  However, the five-year old is a different story.  He cannot get enough. 

I try to be very aware of what he is doing when he has my phone.  He seems to be much more interested in playing on my iPhone than using the iPod.  I try to sync the same apps onto the iPod, but sometimes I just don’t have time.  I have found that I have to watch him very closely lately.  With YouTube, he doesn’t always know what he is watching and I have found him watching some things that I do not think are appropriate for a child.  For instance, Chad Vadar.  It is very funny.  And very attractive to a young boy who is very enamoured with Star Wars.  But, they do use mildly bad language that I would rather him not pick up on.  There are also many animated things on You tube that are quite vulgar, but he thinks it is just a cartoon.  Therefore, I have to watch.  Last week I finally decided to just turn the restrictions on on my phone and now he cannot access YouTube at all (I think.) 

Another reason I have to monitor his iPhone use is that just yesterday he managed to spend $10 purchasing apps.  I am not sure how this happened because I have my account password protected.  All I can figure is that I had purchased something earlier in the day and so, it did not ask for the password a second time.  I now have all of the “talking” characters on my phone.  I can now speak into the phone and magically turn my voice into that of Talking Tom (a cat), Talking Gina (a giraffe), Talking Santa, Talking Larry (some kind of bird), Talking Rex (a dinosaur), Talking Rob (a robot), Talking Hippo, Talking John (some kind of blue blob), or Talking Henry (a very cute hedgehog).  I have e-mailed Apple to see if they will cancel the transaction, but I think their policy is “all sales are final”.  I am just thankful that it was only $10.  I have heard stories from other parents of the transactions like these in the $60 range.  I have always warned the little urchin about making purchases on the phone.  The fact that he cannot quite read yet makes me think that he did not do this purposefully.  However, I did tell him that if it happens again, he will give me money from his piggy bank. 

So, I am rethinking even allowing him to play on the phone.  But, truthfully, this is the day and age we live in.  He will be exposed to technology.  His life will revolve around it more than ours ever has.  So, I don’t really know what I am going to do.  I am considering a DS for his 6th birthday.  Maybe then I can have my iPhone back.

Dinner Tonight

Tonight’s dinner was called Bubble Pizza. 

Comments included the following:

“What is that black stuff?”

“I’m not eating this stuff.”  (My response, “Then go clean your room and you can come out when you are ready to eat.”  He came back  30 seconds later.)

“You can make this again.”

“It really tastes like pizza.”

“Waaaaaa.” (as the 21-month old spits it out)

We will not judge this recipe based on the toddler’s review. 

Bedtime Prayers Put to Rest

I was putting my little darling daughter in bed tonight and we were enjoying a little snuggle time before final placement in the crib.  As she delicately twirled my hair in her hand as her head rested comfortably on my shoulder, I began to say our bedtime prayer.  She ever so politely lifter her little head, raised finger to lips, looked me square in the eye and said, “Sssssh.”  I gently laid her head back down and attempted again to say the prayer.  Again, I received the “Ssssssh”.  After the fourth try, I simply smiled at the antics, gave her a final squeeze goodnight and placed her in the crib.  This can’t continue every night.  My little one has to learn how to say her prayers.  But, for tonight I wanted to enjoy her little personality and leave on a quiet note.  I will pray for her tonight and every night for the rest of her life.  And, one day, she will pray for me.

Just One

So, this morning I am sitting at the breakfast bar area about to blog about something incredibly interesting (I’m sure) and my almost two-year old little girl climbs up in the bar stool next to me and starts pointing at the candy/candle holder that we have out for the holiday (we are so festive around here, can’t you see?).  She is excitedly saying something in her native “toddler” tongue.  As a mother, I, of course, know exactly what she is saying.  “Just one, just one.” 

Now before you do a front flip over how brilliant my child is in the manipulative skills of begging for candy, let me tell you that she has heard this phrase from me too many times.  She points to the candy, and I say, “Just one.”. 



So, I give in (hey, she already had a semi-healthy breakfast) and let her have one.  She happily devours the candy heart as if it were her first meal in a while.  Then she points again to the dish and says, “just one” almost as clear as day.  She is just melting my heart a little, so, I think it won’t hurt to give her one more.  I pull out a purple one.  She grabs it from me and looks at it and shakes her head “no”.  She doesn’t want the purple one.  I proceed to select a pink one for her and when I hand it to her and try to take the purple one, she stuffs them both in her mouth.  Little toot! 

Then she tries to pull the same cute little “just one” routine one more time.  It’s not going to work this time.  I’m no sucker.  At least not three times in a row.  Now, I am not sure  if my little prima dona thinks the sweet hearts are called “candy” or “just one”.  We’ll work on that later.  I have to go finish the Pioneer Woman’s book.  Which, by the way, I do think the PW would think Devri is adorable!  I’m just sayin’!

New Adventures in Dining

We tried a new dish in our home tonight.  Quinoa with black beans.  Here is the link  From what I understand about this grain, it is supposed to be extremely nutritious for you.  I am on an adventurous kick in my cooking right now and I am always on the look-out for meals that are both tasty and healthy.  So here is our family review and how it panned out. 

Quinoa with Black Beans-it's a keeper

  • Mommy:  loves it and plans on making it again. 
  • The five-year old:  cried when he saw it and said it looks nasty.  However, the rule in our house is that you will eat what Mommy serves or you can have a taste of vinegar on your tongue.  (He really hates this one, but it is the only thing that we could come up with that works.  Hopefully, I won’t be telling him this when he is seventeen.) 
  • The 21-month old:  cried and spit it out when I put it in her mouth.  Mommy and toddler had a wrestling match and, finally, toddler decided to cave.  She does like beans and I think she saw one in there.  Also, we brought out the pretzels and she wanted some.  I told her that she had to take a bite first and, miracle of all miracles, she opened her mouth wide and took a bite.  I got about 8 bites down her (until we ran out of pretzels). 
  • Daddy:  “It’s pretty good.”  The fact that he ate this as a main course and did not pull out some meaty leftovers is a big plus.  And, he went back for seconds and finished it all off.

So, for our final review of the quinoa-we will definitely add this to our repertoire of recipes.

Proverbs 22:1

A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.

All Cleaned Up

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