Our Day in S.A.

So far it has been an adventurous, fun-filled, no-accidents kind of day.  This is wonderful considering we have three 2 year-olds (one is almost 2 and the others are almost 3), a five-year old, and a 7 year-old.  The first adventure was managing to feed five small children in the lobby of the hotel because there was no available seating in the tiny dining room.  One child had to change clothes afterward-not too bad.  The next adventure was surviving the car ride from the hotel to the parking lot downtown.  My sister sometimes suffers from road-rage.  She might disagree, but from my perspective, it can get a little volatile riding with her.  😉  She spoke vehemently to the driver who accidentally turned the wrong way in the parking lot.  Then she might have used her hands to make some motions like “what the heck were you thinking”.  Thankfully, the person in the other vehicle basically ignored her.  It was exciting for this Big Spring girl, anyway. 

Then we made it to the San Antonio Children’s Museum.  The kids loved it!  It has three levels and all the levels were full of interesting, kid-friendly areas ready for exploration and discovery.  On the lower level was a kid-sized grocery store compliments of H.E.B.  The little urchins loved “grocery shopping”.  The only problem was that there were not enough grocery carts to go around, but we managed to share the two that we found.  There was also an area where you could watch yourself on the big screen.  I thought this would appeal more to our kids than it did.  Oh, well.  There was more on the next floor. 

On the middle floor, we found a large push-pin wall.  I don’t really know how to describe this except to say that there are these little pin-like rods that you can push from either side of the wall and make imprints.  I have actually seen these little toys at Wal-mart.  Mostly the kids just make handprints, but there were some face prints in there, too.  Our five seemed to really enjoy this display.  Also on this level was a room with water and bubbles.  The kids could make little boats and ducks race in the water and they could make a huge bubble around their whole body.  This was a huge hit.  There were also blocks and an electrical circuit board for building.  The favorite thing on this floor had to have been the loader that the kids could “drive”.  My five year-old especially loved this one.  Here is a picture of the little dude.

 The second level had an area especially for toddlers that our little ones really enjoyed.  I did not go with my little one on this adventure because I stayed with the big boys instead.  But here is a shot I took of her over the wall.  She was having a blast!

We took a little break after two floors and finished off the box of goldfish and the organic peanut butter granola bars.  Then it was time to hit the third floor.  On the third floor, to the boy’s delight, there was a life size airplane.  Or at least part of a plane that seemed life-size.  Our two boys managed to find and don the captain’s hats and then they took over the cockpit.  We finally had to pull them away because they were not giving other children a turn.  Just look at these faces. 


The darling daughter found her own little area to play and I finally managed to snap a picture where she was smiling.  I told her to say, “Hi, Daddy”.  She said it with a big smile!

Our final landing spot on the third floor was in a back room where the children could read in a cozy room, play make-believe with a kitchen and upstairs dining room or put on a performance on the mock stage.  We actually had a little performance starring one of the moms and the two big boys.  Then one of the little girls wanted in on the action.

Eventually we made it to the gift shop where everyone was blessed with a souvenir.  All in all, it was a great day at the children’s museum.  The little darling even used the potty three times while there.  Woohoo!

We left the San Antonio Children’s Museum and headed to The Twin Sisters Bakery and Cafe for lunch.  They close at 3:00p.m. and we got there at 2:56 p.m.  Thank you God that they let us in.  We did not have a back-up plan for lunch.  It was a good lunch.  I’ll post about it later.  We then headed back to the hotel room.  My little darling fell asleep on the way back and she slept for an hour in the hotel room.  Now she is laying next to me awake as I finish this post.  I wonder what adventure we will have tonight when we attempt the Riverwalk.


Proverbs 22:1

A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.

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