An Eater or a Wiper, but a Picker, None the Less

Have you heard the phrase, “lesser of two evils”?  I’m sure that this will completely gross some people out, but it is one of the crazy random things that has crossed my mind today while staying at home with my beautiful children.  Even beautiful children can be gross.  I’m talking about boogers here.  I have been blessed with the opportunity to rear both a boy and a girl and there truly is a difference in genders besides you know what.  The booger thing is probably not gender specific, but I have noticed that while my beautiful, yet unmistakably boyish boy likes to eat boogers; my equally beautiful, self-proclaimed “girly girl” tends to be more of a wiper.  Which, I am quick to say that I am so glad that she chooses not to digest her boogers; however, I am none too happy to find the little crusty things everywhere from her bed sheets to the trim panel of the door which is located next to her car seat.  And, there was the time that I was walking her to her room one evening for bed and she very kindly wiped a long stringy one on the hallway wall.  I really hope they both outgrow this picking stage real soon.  The End.


Hot-chi Mama!

I have the cutest story to tell about Sam in his early years.  Okay, okay, I know he is only five, but he is such a mature five and since he started talking full sentences at 18 months, it just seems appropriate to say that this story occurred during his “early years”. 

He was a young two-year old (meaning closer to 2 than to 3-got it? okay).  He was perched up in his high chair awaiting his morning meal.  Connoisseur of the kitchen that I am (I mean was, because I have made advances in this area of my life), I was heating up something in the microwave.  The microwave dinged and I pulled the bowl out and set it on the counter.  As every good mother should, I decided to give it a little heat test to ensure that my precious baby would not be burned when he took his first bite. So, I stuck my finger right down in the middle of it.  First thing that came out of my mouth was, “Hot-chi Mama!”.  It wasn’t a yell or anything.  Just a normal-level voice.  Sam did not even seem to notice what was going on.  I set the bowl aside for a couple of minutes to let it cool off.  I then felt the food again and decided it was at a safe temperature to feed my toddler.  He happily took the bowl, stuck his little finger down in the precise spot I had put mine and said with exuberance, “Hot-chi Sam!” 

I just love this child!  And this was the day that I decided that my toddler is a genius.

Proverbs 22:1

A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.

All Cleaned Up

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