Moby Dick (our version)

The Captain and Numbua

O.k., so I know Moby Dick was tale of a whale or a whale of a tale (o.k., that was bad), but this adaptation involves a shark. 

Today I played with my kids.  Not that I don’t play with them everyday, but this playtime was different.  I actually stopped and set everything aside and really focused on “playing”.  We played pretend.  I have a very imaginative son.  Allow me to set the scene. 

The whole house was a ship.  The boy’s room was our submarine.  Somehow we could go from being on a huge ship to being underwater in the submarine.  It’s just pretend, so don’t try to figure it out.  Just go with it.  We are all three (that is, the five-year old, the 21 month-old and myself) in the boy’s room and he is giving us orders.  He is the captain of this ship, you see, and that is his job.  I am the first mate and the little girl is, “Numbua” (I have no idea where he comes up with these names).  We all are wearing belts strapped around our chests and we all have weapons.  I am armed with a military-grade machine gun, little girl is armed with a Star Wars Storm Trooper gun, and the captain is armed with a knife strapped to his chest and a sword.  Nearby is an arsenal of swords, guns and bows.  We are ready to take on this shark. 


After arming ourselves, we follow our fearless leader to the back of the ship.  It is from this vantage point that we are able to assess how large our prey is and if we should take cover in our submarine.  It is not long before we find ourselves in danger’s path and we must head for shelter.  We head hurriedly to the submarine room (it is at this point that I grabbed the camera).  Once in the safety of the submarine we are able to stalk our prey.  Our captain agonised over the decision to bomb the shark, but finally decides that this is the only way that we will all make it out alive.  


 Thank goodness this leadership role was not mine to take.  The boy did a much better job than I could have ever done. 



Humility-it happens!

So, all this week  I have been giving my husband a hard time (courtesy of my dear friend Tisa who has been training me in this) by reminding him of how blessed he is to have such a beautiful, awesome, confident wife.  He takes it all in stride and even agrees with me.  Such a sweetie! 

We had a date Thursday night.  On the way to the restaurant he tells me that he left his wallet at home.  I hate when he does this.  It must be the “rule follower” in me.  My mind quickly runs through the scenario of us getting pulled over and him not having his license and then the events that follow of him having to take care of these tickets and me having to deal with his attitude during these unpleasantries.  But, alas, we are on a date.  So, I decide not to harp on this and let the evening unfold as it will.  We had a nice date.  Anytime we can have a meal and a discussion without 25 interruptions per minute is considered nice.  Heavenly, actually.  It was nice.  It was a good choice to not press the wallet issue any further.   

The next evening we were on our way to church for a leadership conference.  I am telling him that we need to go to the grocery store and get fuel on the way home.  He tells me that I will have to let him use my credit card for the gas because he left his wallet in his truck.  This time I couldn’t keep the words in my mouth.  They just pushed their way out.  “John, that is not being responsible.”  He didn’t say a word.  I didn’t say another word about it either. 

He didn’t say a word until we got to church and I was gathering all the stuff to take in-sippy cup (check), diaper bag (check), kindle (check), purse (oh, crud!).  At this point, I don’t even remember what he said.  Something about being humble.  Such a sweetie!

Proverbs 22:1

A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.

All Cleaned Up

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