Hot-chi Mama!

I have the cutest story to tell about Sam in his early years.  Okay, okay, I know he is only five, but he is such a mature five and since he started talking full sentences at 18 months, it just seems appropriate to say that this story occurred during his “early years”. 

He was a young two-year old (meaning closer to 2 than to 3-got it? okay).  He was perched up in his high chair awaiting his morning meal.  Connoisseur of the kitchen that I am (I mean was, because I have made advances in this area of my life), I was heating up something in the microwave.  The microwave dinged and I pulled the bowl out and set it on the counter.  As every good mother should, I decided to give it a little heat test to ensure that my precious baby would not be burned when he took his first bite. So, I stuck my finger right down in the middle of it.  First thing that came out of my mouth was, “Hot-chi Mama!”.  It wasn’t a yell or anything.  Just a normal-level voice.  Sam did not even seem to notice what was going on.  I set the bowl aside for a couple of minutes to let it cool off.  I then felt the food again and decided it was at a safe temperature to feed my toddler.  He happily took the bowl, stuck his little finger down in the precise spot I had put mine and said with exuberance, “Hot-chi Sam!” 

I just love this child!  And this was the day that I decided that my toddler is a genius.


Proverbs 22:1

A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.

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