It’s Not ALL Good!

Like this until about 7:00p.m. tonight.

“I’m going to be a dentist on Tuesdays”, said Sam as we were waiting in the dentist office’s waiting room this morning.  Waiting for his sedation medicine to take effect on him.  My poor little dude has had the worst mouth of any kid I know.  Last summer after coming out of swim lesson and loading up in the vehicle to head home, I looked in the rear view mirror at my son and gasped.  The entire right side of his face was swollen.  I immediately called the dentist in our home town and took him straight there.  The verdict was that he had an infection in the tooth.  We were sent to a pediatric dentist in San Angelo where they extracted the tooth.  They were also kind enough to examine his little mouth full of problems (this was devastating news to us, by the way) and give us a quote of around $2500 plus hospital and anesthesiologist costs.  “Any other options?”, I asked.  Nope.  Thank you anyway.  Thank goodness we live in a free country where we have rights.  I proceeded to locate a new dentist for my son. 

I found a new dentist in Midland who seemed very accommodating and promised me that he would try to do all of the required work in-office as opposed to the hospital.  He examined Sam’s mouth and recommended that he have two caps put on and another tooth extracted.  This was the first and second procedure.  He also recommended caps for the other side as well.  Again, we were devastated.  We have no idea why our son has such poor dental hygiene going on.  We brush his teeth for him.  I guess all those goldfish and fruit chews just did him in.  It is what it is…and this part is not good at all! 

So, we took him in and had this first procedure done in-office.  At this appointment they just put two silver caps on.  I need to mention here that they prescribed a liquid sedative that I had filled at my local pharmacy and then I had to take it with me to the appointment.  They used a third of it at this appointment and sent it home with me to store in the fridge and bring back for the next appointment.  The next appointment was to have another tooth extracted that was causing another infection in his mouth.  They used another third of the sedative.  The bottle was looking pretty empty to us.  My husband took Sam in for the third scheduled appointment which was to have more caps put in on the opposite side of the first set of caps.  They gave him the remaining sedative and my husband noticed that after waiting an hour for it to “take”, Sam did not seem effected by it at all.  They took him back anyway.  A couple of minutes later they called my husband back and told him that Sam was not being cooperative at all and that they would not be able to do this procedure in-office after all.  They would only do it in the hospital.  Ergggg!  My husband was upset with Sam for not being “cooperative”.  The little guy was very upset that his daddy was upset.  Two days later Sam says to me, “Mommy, you know when I was at the dentist the other day?” “Yes”, I say.  “Well, that lady poked with that sharp pokey thing and it really hurt,” he says.  Weeeeeellll, no wonder my baby didn’t want to open his mouth.  He got poked.  He was barely five at this time.  He lost trust in those people and I have a strong feeling that there was not enough sedative left in that bottle to make a difference.  Now, I am on the lookout for another dentist. 

Third times a charm, right?  Now we are driving to Odessa for Sam’s dental work.  We found a great dentist there named Dr. Joel Edwards.  One of the first things I noticed about this place is that they are extremely friendly and knowledgeable.  They are also professional and seem to care about the kids.  The office is very kid-friendly with Disney movies playing, the little vending machines with toys in them (which they give the kids a quarter or two to choose their own prizes-it is a great idea!), and this cool projector mounted from the ceiling that plays interactive games on the floor.  Sam’s favorite is this little puppy dog that will chase your shadow.  It is really cute.  I want one of those machines!  Of course, another reason I like this place is that they were willing to work with us and to see how Sam would do in-office and they did not try to twist my arm to put him in the hospital.  Another major difference between this place and the other two places is that they invited my to go back with him and stay throughout the entire procedure.  This made me very comfortable. 

Sam’s trip to the dentist today was eventful.  He was very much under the influence of the sedation.  He doesn’t remember anything the dentist did, but he can feel that he has a hole where that tooth was and he has the tooth to put under his pillow.  It is a disgusting-looking thing.  Hopefully we won’t be going back for a while except for routine cleanings.  Sam didn’t mind the Frosty that followed or the new toy.  And, thankfully, I don’t think he has a complex about going to the dentist.  At least, he still wants to be a dentist…on Tuesdays.  🙂

Extracted Tooth

A bit dazed and confused still!

What Happens When Mama is Out of Town

I was looking for a picture on my husband’s iPhone.  I found a bunch of pictures!  Including these pictures that were taken when I was on a “girl” trip last fall.  This is what the man does with the two small children when I am not around to be their safety net.  They made some great memories and I’m sure there will be many more because I NEED my “girl” trips! 

The five year-old. He loves this stuff!
Took the 17 month-old out shooting. He remembered to protect her ears. Good Daddy!
Riding in the Mule


T-Ball Diary, Entry 4

It is the week of Spring Break.  There was no official practice this week, but one of the coaches was going out to the field and invited any of the players who would be in town to come out and practice.  We were gone the first half of the week, but we were in town Thursday night.  So, we decided it would be good for the little dude to keep with the t-ball practice schedule.  Either we were the only t-ballers in town from our team or we are the only parents who were mean enough to make our child practice during Spring Break week.  Either way, our little dude was the only t-ball player who showed up for practice.  All of the others who were present were on the Pee-Wee team.  The Pee-Wee’s were practicing on the field with a pitching machine.  The coach put our little dude in the batting cage by himself to practice batting.  Daddy was with him.  We got there at 6:00.  By 6:45 the little dude was ready to leave.  Or so we thought.  We got in the car to leave and he starts crying and says that he can’t leave early because if he doesn’t practice enough he is going to lose the game.  Ohhhhh, the pressure for a five year-old! 

On a more positive note, he also got his uniform last night.  He was very excited.  He took one look at the shirt and said, “Those people don’t know what size I am.  That shirt won’t fit me for a hundred years!”  It does look a little big.  Maybe I can shrink it.

Our Day in S.A.

So far it has been an adventurous, fun-filled, no-accidents kind of day.  This is wonderful considering we have three 2 year-olds (one is almost 2 and the others are almost 3), a five-year old, and a 7 year-old.  The first adventure was managing to feed five small children in the lobby of the hotel because there was no available seating in the tiny dining room.  One child had to change clothes afterward-not too bad.  The next adventure was surviving the car ride from the hotel to the parking lot downtown.  My sister sometimes suffers from road-rage.  She might disagree, but from my perspective, it can get a little volatile riding with her.  😉  She spoke vehemently to the driver who accidentally turned the wrong way in the parking lot.  Then she might have used her hands to make some motions like “what the heck were you thinking”.  Thankfully, the person in the other vehicle basically ignored her.  It was exciting for this Big Spring girl, anyway. 

Then we made it to the San Antonio Children’s Museum.  The kids loved it!  It has three levels and all the levels were full of interesting, kid-friendly areas ready for exploration and discovery.  On the lower level was a kid-sized grocery store compliments of H.E.B.  The little urchins loved “grocery shopping”.  The only problem was that there were not enough grocery carts to go around, but we managed to share the two that we found.  There was also an area where you could watch yourself on the big screen.  I thought this would appeal more to our kids than it did.  Oh, well.  There was more on the next floor. 

On the middle floor, we found a large push-pin wall.  I don’t really know how to describe this except to say that there are these little pin-like rods that you can push from either side of the wall and make imprints.  I have actually seen these little toys at Wal-mart.  Mostly the kids just make handprints, but there were some face prints in there, too.  Our five seemed to really enjoy this display.  Also on this level was a room with water and bubbles.  The kids could make little boats and ducks race in the water and they could make a huge bubble around their whole body.  This was a huge hit.  There were also blocks and an electrical circuit board for building.  The favorite thing on this floor had to have been the loader that the kids could “drive”.  My five year-old especially loved this one.  Here is a picture of the little dude.

 The second level had an area especially for toddlers that our little ones really enjoyed.  I did not go with my little one on this adventure because I stayed with the big boys instead.  But here is a shot I took of her over the wall.  She was having a blast!

We took a little break after two floors and finished off the box of goldfish and the organic peanut butter granola bars.  Then it was time to hit the third floor.  On the third floor, to the boy’s delight, there was a life size airplane.  Or at least part of a plane that seemed life-size.  Our two boys managed to find and don the captain’s hats and then they took over the cockpit.  We finally had to pull them away because they were not giving other children a turn.  Just look at these faces. 


The darling daughter found her own little area to play and I finally managed to snap a picture where she was smiling.  I told her to say, “Hi, Daddy”.  She said it with a big smile!

Our final landing spot on the third floor was in a back room where the children could read in a cozy room, play make-believe with a kitchen and upstairs dining room or put on a performance on the mock stage.  We actually had a little performance starring one of the moms and the two big boys.  Then one of the little girls wanted in on the action.

Eventually we made it to the gift shop where everyone was blessed with a souvenir.  All in all, it was a great day at the children’s museum.  The little darling even used the potty three times while there.  Woohoo!

We left the San Antonio Children’s Museum and headed to The Twin Sisters Bakery and Cafe for lunch.  They close at 3:00p.m. and we got there at 2:56 p.m.  Thank you God that they let us in.  We did not have a back-up plan for lunch.  It was a good lunch.  I’ll post about it later.  We then headed back to the hotel room.  My little darling fell asleep on the way back and she slept for an hour in the hotel room.  Now she is laying next to me awake as I finish this post.  I wonder what adventure we will have tonight when we attempt the Riverwalk.

T-ball Diary, Entry 2: Squish the Bug!

Last night was day 3 of t-ball practice for my debonair five-year old.  Debonair as in “carefree” and “sprightly”.   I loved watching him interact with the other boys and the coaches.  These coaches are really doing a great job with these boys.  They are working with two teams, the t-ball team (ages 5-6) and the pee-wee team (ages 7-8, I think).  These two men have obviously done this before and they have plenty of knowledge about baseball.  And, there is tons of parental support.  In addition to the two coaches, there were about half a dozen more dads out there assisting (including my husband-go dad!).  I snapped some shots of practice.  Here they are:




 One particular routine that they have the boys go through is forming a circle and then doing toe-touches, jumping jacks, and swinging practice with their bats.  The coaches have taught the boys a series of steps for a proper batting formation-

  1. check your feet.
  2. check your fingers.
  3. lift (the bat)
  4. load (the bat, again)
  5. squish the bug-swing and twist that back foot like you are squishing a bug.  Love it!

Here is a video of the batting sequence.  I hope you can hear it.  The little guys are repeating the coach.

Talking Tom-A Must Have iPhone App

I often battle with the whole technology scene where my children are involved.  I posted earlier this year about how my toddler and five-year old both love the iPhone and iPod Touch.  Lately, the toddler is not so interested.  However, the five-year old is a different story.  He cannot get enough. 

I try to be very aware of what he is doing when he has my phone.  He seems to be much more interested in playing on my iPhone than using the iPod.  I try to sync the same apps onto the iPod, but sometimes I just don’t have time.  I have found that I have to watch him very closely lately.  With YouTube, he doesn’t always know what he is watching and I have found him watching some things that I do not think are appropriate for a child.  For instance, Chad Vadar.  It is very funny.  And very attractive to a young boy who is very enamoured with Star Wars.  But, they do use mildly bad language that I would rather him not pick up on.  There are also many animated things on You tube that are quite vulgar, but he thinks it is just a cartoon.  Therefore, I have to watch.  Last week I finally decided to just turn the restrictions on on my phone and now he cannot access YouTube at all (I think.) 

Another reason I have to monitor his iPhone use is that just yesterday he managed to spend $10 purchasing apps.  I am not sure how this happened because I have my account password protected.  All I can figure is that I had purchased something earlier in the day and so, it did not ask for the password a second time.  I now have all of the “talking” characters on my phone.  I can now speak into the phone and magically turn my voice into that of Talking Tom (a cat), Talking Gina (a giraffe), Talking Santa, Talking Larry (some kind of bird), Talking Rex (a dinosaur), Talking Rob (a robot), Talking Hippo, Talking John (some kind of blue blob), or Talking Henry (a very cute hedgehog).  I have e-mailed Apple to see if they will cancel the transaction, but I think their policy is “all sales are final”.  I am just thankful that it was only $10.  I have heard stories from other parents of the transactions like these in the $60 range.  I have always warned the little urchin about making purchases on the phone.  The fact that he cannot quite read yet makes me think that he did not do this purposefully.  However, I did tell him that if it happens again, he will give me money from his piggy bank. 

So, I am rethinking even allowing him to play on the phone.  But, truthfully, this is the day and age we live in.  He will be exposed to technology.  His life will revolve around it more than ours ever has.  So, I don’t really know what I am going to do.  I am considering a DS for his 6th birthday.  Maybe then I can have my iPhone back.

The Pick-up Fairy

When my first-born was about 3 years-old his toys began to overflow into all parts of our home and he began to develop a bad habit of leaving them wherever he had last played with them.  I was so tired of asking him to pick them up and then picking them up myself after about the millionth time. 

I happened upon an article in a parenting magazine of a fellow mom who brilliantly created the Pick-up Fairy.  The Pick-up Fairy is sorta like a twist on the Tooth Fairy.  She comes when the children are sleeping and she takes something.  However, the only thing she leaves behind is a clean floor and a distraught child.

Before I even tried it, I wanted to kiss the woman who came up with this idea.  I just knew it was going to work wonderfully on my little rule-abiding, C-personality child.  The next evening as bedtime was approaching, I informed my little angel that there was something that I needed to warn him about so that he could make sure that his toys were all in safe-keeping.  I told him about the Pick-up Fairy and suggested that tonight he should be sure to pick everything up so that he wouldn’t lose his toys to her.  He did a great job!  He did a great job for about 2 weeks.

On one particular evening as I was asking him to clean up, he asked me, “Why?  Is that truck guy gonna get my toys?”.  I was a little confused.  I asked him what he was talking about and he answered, “You know.  That truck guy that takes kid’s toys if they don’t put them away at night.”  Then it dawned on me that he was talking about the “Pick-up Fairy”.  In his little mind, the Pick-up Fairy was a male and since we always call John’s truck a pick-up, he interchanged the words.  I love to hear the things he comes up with-it makes me smile!

And, two years later, he still believes in the Pick-up Fairy.  Last night he was playing with some hot wheels and I told him to just leave them on the bar because it was late and I knew he would play with them the next morning.  He turned and asked me, “Will the Pick-up Fairy get them?”  I told him no and that I would ask her not to this time.  He looked at me with such gratitude in his eyes and said, “Thank you, Mommy.  That is so nice of you.”  Yep.  So nice of me.

In the Making

I have an aspiring photographer in my home.  Any chance he can get, my five-year old is grabbing my camera and snapping away.  He does pretty good, too.  Mostly centered and not blurry.  I don’t absolutely love all of the candid shots that he gets of me, but one must not discourage a budding artist.  Here is a sampling of his portfolio.



Yes, she is on the potty!


Fire in our fireplace


Something about the angle of this picture I like


Not so sure I like the close, close-ups

New Adventures in Dining

We tried a new dish in our home tonight.  Quinoa with black beans.  Here is the link  From what I understand about this grain, it is supposed to be extremely nutritious for you.  I am on an adventurous kick in my cooking right now and I am always on the look-out for meals that are both tasty and healthy.  So here is our family review and how it panned out. 

Quinoa with Black Beans-it's a keeper

  • Mommy:  loves it and plans on making it again. 
  • The five-year old:  cried when he saw it and said it looks nasty.  However, the rule in our house is that you will eat what Mommy serves or you can have a taste of vinegar on your tongue.  (He really hates this one, but it is the only thing that we could come up with that works.  Hopefully, I won’t be telling him this when he is seventeen.) 
  • The 21-month old:  cried and spit it out when I put it in her mouth.  Mommy and toddler had a wrestling match and, finally, toddler decided to cave.  She does like beans and I think she saw one in there.  Also, we brought out the pretzels and she wanted some.  I told her that she had to take a bite first and, miracle of all miracles, she opened her mouth wide and took a bite.  I got about 8 bites down her (until we ran out of pretzels). 
  • Daddy:  “It’s pretty good.”  The fact that he ate this as a main course and did not pull out some meaty leftovers is a big plus.  And, he went back for seconds and finished it all off.

So, for our final review of the quinoa-we will definitely add this to our repertoire of recipes.

Proverbs 22:1

A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.

All Cleaned Up

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