God’s Protection

Saturday night, John took our son out hog hunting.  To my understanding, this involves total darkness, a spot light and driving around in a pick-up truck with two silly little boys who care more about laughing at each other’s bodily expulsions than actually spotting a hog.  But, who asked me, right?  I wasn’t invited, nor did I care to attend.  My three year-old little girl and I stayed at home piled up in bed watching a movie.

It was about dark-thirty when our dogs suddenly began to bark.  We have a sunroom that is completely enclosed with glass, so the dogs can spot any random animal, such as a raccoon, that wanders into the yard.  I got up to hush the animals and made sure the back door was locked, then I went back to the bedroom.  Since we moved in within the last year, we have not been able to decide what to do for window treatments in our room.  So, we have done nothing.  We have a sliding glass door in our room that has drapes, but the four windows have nothing.  These four windows look out into our backyard, which is gated.

Well, about 30 minutes after the dogs had been roused, I saw what appeared to be a flashlight beam in the backyard.  I got a little concerned.  Although, I did not hear the dogs bark this time.  I texted John and told him and he told me how to get the gun out of the gun safe.  The funny thing about all of this is that I really was not scared.  I prayed and asked the Lord to protect us and I kept my eye on the window a little more than I would have, but I definitely was not gripped by fear like I would have been in the past.  There was still peace.  Nothing ever came from the light that I saw and the dogs remained quiet the rest of the night.  John got home a few hours after I had turned the lights off to go to sleep.

The next morning was Sunday and we attended church as usual.  After service, one of the ladies in the church came up to me and said, “Jenny, I don’t want to worry you or anything, but last night I had a dream and the Lord woke me up to pray for you.  I’m not sure what it meant or anything, but I kept feeling like I was to pray for you and your house.”  Wow!  I got goosebumps and just thanked her for being submissive to the voice of God.  Chances are there was something out there the night before in my yard and chances are whatever or whomever it was was up to no good.  But the Lord had different plans for me and my daughter that night and I cannot begin to express my gratitude to Him.

God does love his people and He will intervene on your behalf.  Never lose hope and never give up on our big God!

An Eater or a Wiper, but a Picker, None the Less

Have you heard the phrase, “lesser of two evils”?  I’m sure that this will completely gross some people out, but it is one of the crazy random things that has crossed my mind today while staying at home with my beautiful children.  Even beautiful children can be gross.  I’m talking about boogers here.  I have been blessed with the opportunity to rear both a boy and a girl and there truly is a difference in genders besides you know what.  The booger thing is probably not gender specific, but I have noticed that while my beautiful, yet unmistakably boyish boy likes to eat boogers; my equally beautiful, self-proclaimed “girly girl” tends to be more of a wiper.  Which, I am quick to say that I am so glad that she chooses not to digest her boogers; however, I am none too happy to find the little crusty things everywhere from her bed sheets to the trim panel of the door which is located next to her car seat.  And, there was the time that I was walking her to her room one evening for bed and she very kindly wiped a long stringy one on the hallway wall.  I really hope they both outgrow this picking stage real soon.  The End.

Our Day in S.A.

So far it has been an adventurous, fun-filled, no-accidents kind of day.  This is wonderful considering we have three 2 year-olds (one is almost 2 and the others are almost 3), a five-year old, and a 7 year-old.  The first adventure was managing to feed five small children in the lobby of the hotel because there was no available seating in the tiny dining room.  One child had to change clothes afterward-not too bad.  The next adventure was surviving the car ride from the hotel to the parking lot downtown.  My sister sometimes suffers from road-rage.  She might disagree, but from my perspective, it can get a little volatile riding with her.  😉  She spoke vehemently to the driver who accidentally turned the wrong way in the parking lot.  Then she might have used her hands to make some motions like “what the heck were you thinking”.  Thankfully, the person in the other vehicle basically ignored her.  It was exciting for this Big Spring girl, anyway. 

Then we made it to the San Antonio Children’s Museum.  The kids loved it!  It has three levels and all the levels were full of interesting, kid-friendly areas ready for exploration and discovery.  On the lower level was a kid-sized grocery store compliments of H.E.B.  The little urchins loved “grocery shopping”.  The only problem was that there were not enough grocery carts to go around, but we managed to share the two that we found.  There was also an area where you could watch yourself on the big screen.  I thought this would appeal more to our kids than it did.  Oh, well.  There was more on the next floor. 

On the middle floor, we found a large push-pin wall.  I don’t really know how to describe this except to say that there are these little pin-like rods that you can push from either side of the wall and make imprints.  I have actually seen these little toys at Wal-mart.  Mostly the kids just make handprints, but there were some face prints in there, too.  Our five seemed to really enjoy this display.  Also on this level was a room with water and bubbles.  The kids could make little boats and ducks race in the water and they could make a huge bubble around their whole body.  This was a huge hit.  There were also blocks and an electrical circuit board for building.  The favorite thing on this floor had to have been the loader that the kids could “drive”.  My five year-old especially loved this one.  Here is a picture of the little dude.

 The second level had an area especially for toddlers that our little ones really enjoyed.  I did not go with my little one on this adventure because I stayed with the big boys instead.  But here is a shot I took of her over the wall.  She was having a blast!

We took a little break after two floors and finished off the box of goldfish and the organic peanut butter granola bars.  Then it was time to hit the third floor.  On the third floor, to the boy’s delight, there was a life size airplane.  Or at least part of a plane that seemed life-size.  Our two boys managed to find and don the captain’s hats and then they took over the cockpit.  We finally had to pull them away because they were not giving other children a turn.  Just look at these faces. 


The darling daughter found her own little area to play and I finally managed to snap a picture where she was smiling.  I told her to say, “Hi, Daddy”.  She said it with a big smile!

Our final landing spot on the third floor was in a back room where the children could read in a cozy room, play make-believe with a kitchen and upstairs dining room or put on a performance on the mock stage.  We actually had a little performance starring one of the moms and the two big boys.  Then one of the little girls wanted in on the action.

Eventually we made it to the gift shop where everyone was blessed with a souvenir.  All in all, it was a great day at the children’s museum.  The little darling even used the potty three times while there.  Woohoo!

We left the San Antonio Children’s Museum and headed to The Twin Sisters Bakery and Cafe for lunch.  They close at 3:00p.m. and we got there at 2:56 p.m.  Thank you God that they let us in.  We did not have a back-up plan for lunch.  It was a good lunch.  I’ll post about it later.  We then headed back to the hotel room.  My little darling fell asleep on the way back and she slept for an hour in the hotel room.  Now she is laying next to me awake as I finish this post.  I wonder what adventure we will have tonight when we attempt the Riverwalk.

T-Ball Diary: Entry 1

After my last post about being fearful of this whole t-ball experience with my little boy, I decided that I will keep a log of our t-ball experience. 

We have only had two practices so far.  Here is how it went.

Day 1 Practice:  Sam followed directions and participated the entire practice.  Afterward, he asked Daddy if he would grill him a steak.  It was already getting late, so we went out to eat instead.  He ordered a rib-eye and mac and cheese.  He ate over half of the steak and most of the mac and cheese.  T-ball is creating quite the appetite in my little Thumper (his nickname, given him by Daddy).

Day 2 Practice:  Today we bought him a new pair of baseball pants.  They were so big around his little waist that they fell in a pool around his ankles when he tried to take a step.  Daddy took him to Hibbet Sports to buy a belt.  Problem solved.  He was excited to wear the pants and his baseball socks to practice tonight.  He enjoyed practice.  He seemed to have made a couple of friends.  He told me he liked hitting the ball the best.  (One of the other parents suggested he try throwing with his left arm instead of the his right.)  I am going to have to practice throwing with him to see what it was that she “saw”. 

Next practice is Thursday night.  I’ll keep you posted.

They are Going to Eat Him Alive!

It has all started.  And I am a little afraid.  I don’t want to be afraid.  I know I am probably not supposed to be afraid.  Or maybe there is some unwritten law somewhere that says it is okay for mommies to be afraid from time to time.  There at least has to be a clause in there somewhere about the first time your child plays a team sport.  I mean, come on.  He’s my baby.  My first baby, anyway.  My firstborn.  Here are the reasons I am scared for my son:

  • He is little.  Well, okay, he’s tiny.  He only weighs about 35lbs soaking wet.  The darling daughter who is 22 months old is going to pass him up soon.  The size xs baseball pants that I bought him, fell to his knees when he took a step. 
  • He has no previous knowledge of baseball.  He doesn’t even remember playing t-ball at three-years-old.  The horror!  That would have lent itself well to this season.  He told me last night that there are three bases-1st, 2nd, and home.  Uh-oh!
  • He is not very athletic (that I know of).  He is more the creative, well-spoken type.  He loves, loves, loves movies and he acts out scenes from them.  He is the child who has an extensive vocabulary.
  • He is a rule follower.  This might work for him.  He will probably try to do everything the coaches tell him. 
  • He is a little ADD.  You might not think he is paying attention because he is lolly-gagging in his own little world, but when you ask him what you said, he can tell you verbatim.
  • I want him to be accepted by his peers.  What mother doesn’t, right?  I want him to have friends and be liked. 
  • I want him to have fun.  Because I payed $80 for him to play and I don’t want to deal with whining if he decides he doesn’t like it.
  • I don’t want him to get hurt.  He still kind of ducks when the ball comes toward him and if he gets smacked in the face, arm, leg etc, then this season is done. 

I could probably think of many more reasons that I am fearful for my son.  But, the truth is, is that I am excited for the little guy.  He seems to be having fun so far.  He is excited about going to practice and wearing his “baseball” clothes.  At least he will look the part.  Check him out!

Dinner Tonight

Tonight’s dinner was called Bubble Pizza. 

Comments included the following:

“What is that black stuff?”

“I’m not eating this stuff.”  (My response, “Then go clean your room and you can come out when you are ready to eat.”  He came back  30 seconds later.)

“You can make this again.”

“It really tastes like pizza.”

“Waaaaaa.” (as the 21-month old spits it out)

We will not judge this recipe based on the toddler’s review. 

The Pick-up Fairy

When my first-born was about 3 years-old his toys began to overflow into all parts of our home and he began to develop a bad habit of leaving them wherever he had last played with them.  I was so tired of asking him to pick them up and then picking them up myself after about the millionth time. 

I happened upon an article in a parenting magazine of a fellow mom who brilliantly created the Pick-up Fairy.  The Pick-up Fairy is sorta like a twist on the Tooth Fairy.  She comes when the children are sleeping and she takes something.  However, the only thing she leaves behind is a clean floor and a distraught child.

Before I even tried it, I wanted to kiss the woman who came up with this idea.  I just knew it was going to work wonderfully on my little rule-abiding, C-personality child.  The next evening as bedtime was approaching, I informed my little angel that there was something that I needed to warn him about so that he could make sure that his toys were all in safe-keeping.  I told him about the Pick-up Fairy and suggested that tonight he should be sure to pick everything up so that he wouldn’t lose his toys to her.  He did a great job!  He did a great job for about 2 weeks.

On one particular evening as I was asking him to clean up, he asked me, “Why?  Is that truck guy gonna get my toys?”.  I was a little confused.  I asked him what he was talking about and he answered, “You know.  That truck guy that takes kid’s toys if they don’t put them away at night.”  Then it dawned on me that he was talking about the “Pick-up Fairy”.  In his little mind, the Pick-up Fairy was a male and since we always call John’s truck a pick-up, he interchanged the words.  I love to hear the things he comes up with-it makes me smile!

And, two years later, he still believes in the Pick-up Fairy.  Last night he was playing with some hot wheels and I told him to just leave them on the bar because it was late and I knew he would play with them the next morning.  He turned and asked me, “Will the Pick-up Fairy get them?”  I told him no and that I would ask her not to this time.  He looked at me with such gratitude in his eyes and said, “Thank you, Mommy.  That is so nice of you.”  Yep.  So nice of me.

Library Time

I just got back from taking my five-year-old and 20 month-old to the county library.  Let’s just say that I imagine they are very happy that the books are not due back for two weeks.

A Few of My Favorite Things

As I type this blog, the song from The Sound of Music is running through my head…”and these are a few of my favorite things…”.  I love that movie.  So, I will begin by listing it as number one.

1.  The Sound of Music starring Julie Andrews in 1965

Every year I have this movie on my Christmas list.  This year my husband attempted to buy it and it was sold out. 

(Of course, he went shopping on Christmas Eve and probably only went to one store, BUT, he tried!)


2.  Cute recycled tote bags

I loooooove these bags.  They are so handy.  Not just for grocery shopping, either.  I use mine when we go to the beach, the library, camping trips, etc.  And the cute designs make them so much fun to use!

My step-daughter gave me a bundle of these for Christmas in different prints.  I cannot wait to use them!


3.  My Uggs

http://www.uggaustralia.com/ProductDetails.aspx?gID=w&productID=5803&model=Bailey Button

These really are the most comfortable boot I own.  The knock-offs are much cheaper, but no comparison on comfort.  Totally worth the money.

The step-daughter gets another high mark-she gave my 20 month-old little girl her first pair of Uggs for Christmas!  She might have started something she shouldn’t have!


4.  My North Face Osolita Jacket

This thing is like wearing a blanket.  I wear it around the house.  I wear it to the grocery store.  I wear it to the park.  I wear it whenever I can.  I am wearing it now!



5.  Allrecipes.com


Best website ever for finding new recipes.  Recipes are added by and rated by users.  I love to find recipes with a 4 or 5 star-rating and over 100 reviews.  If that many people have tried it and like it, then there is hope that my family will like it.  I think it is super cool when there have been more than 500 reviews.  I aspire to one day put a recipe on there that will receive that many reviews and attain a five star-rating.  But, for now, I will just use the website and pray my kids will eat it.  They also have an app for the i-phone called the “Dinner Spinner”.  You type in your ingredients and it spins out a recipe for you.  Really neat and it is free!


6.  The Pioneer Woman 


This woman is extraordinary!  She kind of overwhelms and intimidates me.  If I ever met her in real life, I think I would try to some how tap into her brain and pull out some of this talent and drive for myself.  Maybe I’ll do that over the internet.  She really is awesome!  And I really don’t know how she does it, but I have a great big , “YOU GO, GIRL!” just for her.

(I am not jealous.  I am not jealous.)


These are listed in random order.  I have many more favorites-including my beautiful children.  One of which is crying now because I am blogging instead of attending her needs.  I will post this now anyway because if I do not, then it will never be done. 

Thanks for reading! 

God has a Plan

I teach the Pre-K Sunday School class once a month at our church.  My son Sam is in my class.  This past Sunday I was teaching them about prayer.  The scripture reference was Jeremiah 29:11-13.  I was going to explain to the children that God has a plan for their life.  Before doing so, I asked them what their plans were for when they grow up.  I had several answers such as a policeman, a fire fighter, an airport worker, etc.  But the response that came from my son provided me with one of those moments as a mother that I was somewhat speechless.  He said with unabashed pride, “I am going to be a garbage man when I grow up!”.  I smiled kindly at my co-teacher as the pastor’s son said, “I’m going to be a preacher.”  I’m sure his mom and dad would have been proud.  🙂

In all seriousness, though, whatever my son chooses to do with his life, I pray that it will be the perfect plan that God has for him. 

As a little side note-his favorite movie right now is Toy Story 3 and there is huge scene in the movie that is located at the city dump.  He is fascinated with that movie.

Proverbs 22:1

A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.

All Cleaned Up

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