The Blahs!

I have not felt much like blogging lately.  I am beginning to wonder if it is even something that I want to maintain.  It is as if it is just another thing on my list of things to do instead of bringing me pleasure.  Plus, it is somewhat defeating to know that I have been blogging for three months and I only have about seven people who subscribe to my blog.  This includes my mom and dad and two sisters and my husband’s daughter.  I am pretty sure that I know who the other two are, as well.  So thank you, my loyal followers.  I will blog again soon.  I promise.

I learned recently at a leadership conference that I attended that I am an entrepreneurial leader.  This means I am good at starting things up, but sometimes I need help with follow through!  Hmmmm.


P-Dub is For Real


I met the Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond.  She is so personable.  Just like she sounds in all of her blogs.  She is the gal that I can see myself shopping with, chatting on the phone with, exchanging recipes and just hangin’ out.  But, alas, that will never happen.  Mainly due to geography, not the fact that she has no idea who commenter number 27,364 is on her web blog.  I am not the only person who  feels this way about PW.  There were many star-struck fans at this book signing. 

I have never thought of myself as someone who is a “fan” of a celebrity or someone of notoriety.  But, I guess on Monday, I appeared no different from the other 500 people who were there to shake her hand and take a picture.     On paper, I might have even appeared as “more” of a fan than others due to the fact that we drove over 350 miles to be there.  But, I still have a hard time putting myself in the same category of many of the women I stood in line with awaiting the great PW.  Maybe I am self-deceived.  Maybe I am star-struck.  I did have butterflies in my stomach when it was my turn.   

I admire her greatly.  I recognize that she has found her purpose in life and she is sharing it with others around her.  I wonder if she realizes the vastness of her influence.  I wonder if she recognizes that many people never find their true purpose and how abundantly blessed she is to have found hers.  That is the journey that I am traversing right now.  Trying to find my purpose.  Trying new things, learning to recognize my own strengths and weaknesses.  Discovering who I am and what I have to offer this world.  Sometimes I overwhelm myself with it all.  So, I have to take a break from life.  Like, by grabbing a girlfriend and driving 5 hours to say, “hello” to someone who will probably never think twice about the girl with the cute flower on her head. 

I sound a little pathetic, don’t I?  Not meaning to.  I’m just having another one of those overwhelming moments again when I am thinking about all the things that I need to be taking care of right now, but can’t because I am at home with a sick child.  My purpose today is to be the most caring and compassionate mother that I can be as I hold “the throw-up bowl” (as my son has so affectionately dubbed the large plastic bowl on the side of his bed) and try not to gross out.  And, as soon as he takes his nap, I’ll think more about how I am going to change the world one blog at a time.  It might help if I had more “followers”.  On the up side, though, if I can inspire just one person to do more, to seek out her purpose, to put a smile on her face and to try out one of my favorite things, then maybe I am being effective.  Maybe I am finding my purpose.  

Sometimes getting away from your normal life for a day or two is a good way to get motivated and focused.  The PW is an example to me of someone who truly discovered the gift within herself and she is blessed because she is sharing it with others.  I do not want to “be” the PW.  For me, shaking her hand and getting to chat for a few minutes was a confirmation that this girl is real and God has a great plan for my life, as well. 

Proverbs 22:1

A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.

All Cleaned Up

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