Perfectionism is NOT Perfect

As indicated on personality tests and consulting with a licensed counselor, my husband and I are pretty much perfectionists.  Where some people might view this as a positive and other perfectionists might even give a fist-pump and a “Aw, yeah!”; I am here to tell you that perfectionism is absolutely NOT perfect.  As a matter of fact, perfectionism comes with a cost and this negative side of perfectionism can be destructive to one’s self and others.

My theory on perfectionism is based solely on experience.  One can read this and agree or disagree whole heartedly.  It doesn’t matter to me.  These are just my thoughts.  (Whew! For a perfectionist, that is hard to write.  Why would anyone not agree with me?)  Well, here we go.  I am going to start by sharing an example of a perfectionist in the making-my 6 year-old son.  I home school my son and it is usually without fail that we have some type of breakdown during the process of our school day.  One evening while reflecting on the past few weeks of schooling and the inevitable mid-lesson crisis, it somehow became clear to me that my son is a perfectionist in the making.  An unfortunate characteristic trait that has begun to manifest in him is that he feels that if he is not “good” at something, then he is not even going to try.  He simply goes into shut-down mode.  He begins complaining and whining and making every excuse as to why he should not be doing the lesson.  Or, his newest tactic is to try to be silly and make me laugh in hopes that I will become the unfocused teacher and not complete the task at hand.

Now, this is not the only thing that leads me to believe that he is a perfectionist and that this a trait of a perfectionist.  What I did though, is I began to do some self reflections and discovered that I have done this same thing in a different way.  If there is something that I am interested in doing (i.e. blogging), yet I don’t feel like I am “good” at it or that it is “perfect” so to speak, then I simply avoid ever really getting started.  And, maybe this isn’t even a trait of a perfectionist.  I guess I would need to take some surveys of some people who are considered perfectionists.  My husband does agree and I do consider him an extreme perfectionist.  I have commonly called him a procrastinator in some situations, but when taking a closer look it is easy to realize that it has been due more to the fact that he is afraid of failure.  Afraid of screwing something up.  So based on these simple family character traits, I am led to believe that perfectionism is NOT perfect!

Another New One

We tried this recipe last night, Layered Chicken and Black Bean Enchilada Casserole.  It was wonderful.  Definitely one that I will keep and make again.  Ingredients are simple, which I like.  I have not used the spice, coriander very often.  I think I like coriander.  I definitely like cumin (or comino) and this recipe called for it.  Also, a new favorite of mine to cook with is cilantro.  I am just now learning tricks to making it last longer, thanks to Facebook.  Just typed in there on my status a question about how to keep it fresh, and WHAMO!  responses galore.  I must get that Tupperware spice keeper, I’m thinking! 

Back to the recipe at hand.  My kids are going to develop pepper bellies if I make recipes like this all the time.  I just seem to always have cheese and tortillas on hand and they lend themselves well to spicy dishes.  I tried to pick the green chiles out of the kid’s servings, though.  Both kids finished off their meals.  I made this dish along with a side of quinoa seasoned with Pampered Chef’s Southwest Seasoning.  You can get yours here.  By the way, quinoa is my new favorite.  Much easier to make and healthier than rice.  Even the hubby likes it.  And, he enjoyed the casserole also.  He went back for seconds and he is having the leftovers tonight (he might not know that yet).

Lovin’ me Some Salt!

Salted Chocolate Chip Pecan Bars

 Saw this recipe this morning on The Pioneer Woman.

Decided it was one I was going to have to try soon.  Even e-mailed the link to some girl friends declaring this fact. 

Had Life Group tonight (our church small group).  Had 20 minutes and all the ingredients (I thought). 

Started making recipe and found out did not have pecans.  Made anyway. 

AWESOMENESS!!!  Even if salty and sweet isn’t a hit with everyone else, it is with me. 

I will definitely be filing this recipe in my “favorites” file.

Tip:  Click picture and it will take you to the recipe. 

Who is Coming for Dinner?

White Cheese Chicken Lasagna

I made this wonderfully fattening and delectable meal tonight-White Cheese Chicken Lasagna.  It was a very time-consuming meal to put together.  It didn’t help that my 23 month-old kept telling me that she needed to potty.  I would stop dinner and take her to the potty.  Then, she wouldn’t do anything.  By the third or fourth time of her telling me she needed to do number two, I just couldn’t stop anymore.  Of course, this time she actually did it.  In a pull-up, thank goodness.

Here were the responses at the dinner table:

  • Five year-old:  what is this green stuff?  Did you put broccoli in this?  I’ll eat all this and then you can throw all the green stuff away.  (I eventually had to feed him in order to get the meal over with; however, he did not complain one bit.  I guess he was just wanting some extra attention tonight.)
  • Almost two year-old:  made her take the first bite and then she ate two servings.
  • Daddy:  you can make this any time!
  • Me:  this is a make-for-company meal.  Almost hate that I went to so much trouble for such little appreciation!  Glad my man enjoyed it, though.  Then I thought, “holy moly, this is so rich and cheesy.  I can just feel my hips expanding with every bite.  It sure is yummy!”

This Sucks!

I never knew my house was so dirty!  My vacuum cleaner has been on the outs for a while now.  It has really needed to be replaced for about the last year.  It was a Hoover Wind Tunnel and it served us well for the last 10 years.  Even though it has needed to be put to rest, I was dragging my feet in finding a new vac.  I knew that I wanted a quality machine that would last a good while.  I knew that I really didn’t want one that uses bags.  I knew that I did not want another Hoover.  My mother and sister have a Miele and I had begun to research this particular vacuum.  It had great reviews.  The only issue that I had was that there was not a dealer in my home town.  There is a dealer about 50 miles away, but I just had not had the time or the inclination to locate them.  Then this past Sunday happened…

I found a tick on my dog’s bed in my son’s bedroom.  One of those big ugly gray ticks.  I was highly disturbed.  I threw the dog’s bed and blanket in the dumpster.  My dog no longer has a bed.  Poor dog.  I hauled the shop vac into the house and got on my hands and knees and started vacuuming all the baseboards in the room.  Then I noticed a pair of my son’s pajama pants that had been on the floor and were now on his bed.  Another tick-one of those small brown ones.  I am even more disturbed now.  I stripped everything off of his bed and threw it all in the garage.  All the stuffed animals and pillow cases and blankets and bedding were washed.  During this wash process, I headed down to the local Sears (thank God we have one) and I bought myself a high-powered sucking machine.  I decided I was going to suck every living thing out of the carpet and rugs in our home.  I got a dyson DC25 animal model vacuum.  This thing is guaranteed to pick up all the animal hair in your home.  I vacuumed every surface in my house.  In the meantime, the dog was sequestered to the backyard.  She stood at the backdoor and cried for an hour.  It would have driven me insane except for the fact that the tick “issue” was driving me to be a little OCD with the vacuuming.  Not only did the floors get vacuumed, all the furniture was pulled apart and given a once over.  I don’t see how there could be any type of tick or flea or piece of dog hair left in our house.  Here is a picture of what all the new vac picked up.  Really makes me wonder why we didn’t replace that old vacuum cleaner much sooner.  This also disturbs me.  However, I am thrilled to now be able to think that my house is cleaner. 

Very disturbing!

 For those of you who are feeling a little judgemental right about now, let me just say that your house is not as clean as you think it is!  There are those of you who also need to hear the rest of this story or you are going to have unanswered questions that will drive you crazy or cause you to think that I need your advice.  Which I might.  But, rest assured, we took the dog to the vet today to have her treated and tomorrow the yards are being sprayed.  I have checked the children, my self and my husband and we are all tick-free.  My house is probably cleaner than yours now, so you should not think twice about coming to visit.  It’s all good.  🙂

Lime Chicken Soft Tacos

This recipe came from  This meal was delicious!  The combinations of spices was wonderful.  Created a heavenly aroma in the house that made we want to scarf it down!  I made a side of guacamole to go with this using the salsa that I made earlier this week.  My kiddos ate their tacos on flour tortillas.  My sweetie and I used corn.  We are about to make some major lifestyle changes in our diet around here.  One of those changes being a limited amount of bleached, white, enriched flour.  This means no more flour tortillas in our home unless we buy the whole grain kind.  Anyway, back to the review.  This meal was yummy! 

Since we are trying to make some changes, I decided to assemble the children’s tacos for them without consulting them.  I spread guacamole on their tortillas, added the chicken, tomatoes and shredded cheddar.  Then I rolled them up and put it in front of them to eat.  Both children complained-at first!  We made them both take bites and eat.  The little one did not spit it out when she figured out that we were not going to back down.  She ate about half of hers and then had yogurt for dessert.  The little dude decided that those little red things, aka tomatoes, are not so bad and neither was the green “stuff”, aka guacamole.  He ate 3/4 of his taco and then wasted the yogurt that he asked for simply because the darling daughter was eating one.  The End.

Oh, yeah.  Just so you know, we will make this one again.  Click on one of the pictures and it will take you to the recipe. 

The Year She Fell by Alicia Rasley

I kind of bought this book for my Kindle accidentally on purpose.  Let me explain.  I was actually looking for a good Christian fiction book.  I like to read fiction because it is usually an easy read for me and I let myself get lost in the lives of the characters.  Many times I hate for a really good book to end.  I was downloading some books for my Kindle when in the right column of the Amazon page I was on recommended this book as a good Christian novel.  “Hmmm, I’ll try it”, I thought to myself.  I did not read the reviews because I was in a bit of a hurry.  I’m always in a hurry.  My life is in fast forward here lately.  I determined after reading the first few chapters that Amazon’s interpretation of Christian is a bit different from my standard.  Hence, the accidentally on purpose.  Any how, here is my review:

It was a good read.  I probably won’t read it again.  If someone asked me if they should read it, I would say to check it out at the library.  Don’t spend your money on it.  I sort of related to the whole “sister thing” because I come from a family of all girls.  There is definitely an exciting plot to the book, which keeps the reader on their toes.  One way the author did this was by switching to a different character’s perspective right when you were about to put another piece of the puzzle together.  This did make me want to keep reading.  As a Christian, I did take offense to a couple of “bad” words.  She took the Lord’s name in vain and used the “f” word a few times.  It was definitely not prevalent in the story, though.  There was also an affair between the local police chief and one of the sisters.  I would say that is not exactly Christ-like either.  In the end, most of the conflicts were resolved and there were many.  If you come across this as a free download for your Kindle, then go for it. 

Remember the fast forward thing I was saying, well that means I must go.  Too much going on in this house of mine to go into any more depth.

Restaurant Style Salsa

I made some salsa tonight.

It was good.

Here’s the link to the recipe.

Another hand clap for the PW.


This one is a keeper for sure.  Chicken Noodle Soup Casserole from the Tasty Kitchen at  Here is the verdict from my family.

Mommy:  Loved it!  I always make slight moderations to recipes in order to make them a little quicker.  For this one I used shredded carrots and frozen chopped onions.  We do not care for celery in our family, so I skipped this ingredient.  You could also use a rotisserie chicken if you do not have time to cook the chicken. 

Daddy:  Loved it!  Went back for seconds and thirds.

Five-year old boy:  Once again forced to eat dinner, but this time there was no murmuring or gnashing of teeth.  This must be a good sign. 

22-month old:  Crammed at least three bites into her mouth.  She did not spit it out.  Another good sign.  At least she did not eat hot dogs for dinner, again!

This recipe will be revisited.  I might not use as much butter next time and I am thinking of adding a bag of frozen peas.

Quinoa Revisted

Quinoa with Ranch Style Beans

I made quinoa for lunch today.  The first time we ate it, I used this recipe-Quinoa and Black Beans.  It was very good and we all enjoyed it.  I wrote about it in a previous post.  I still had over half a box of quinoa, so, I decided it was time to make it again.  When I checked the panty I discovered that I did not have any black beans on hand.  So, this time I used ranch style beans. 

Using the ranch style beans gave this dish a completely different taste.  I also used chicken broth rather than vegetable broth.  The cayenne pepper had a stronger presence in this version.  It was still a winner.  Although, I must say, I did not make my children eat their entire portion due to the spiciness.

Proverbs 22:1

A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.

All Cleaned Up

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