Bad Me

Have you ever said something to someone that you wish you could take back?  I did that recently.  I hurt someone’s feelings.  I realized that I had hurt their feelings.  Then I texted the person to ask if I hurt their feelings and the person confirmed that I had indeed hurt her feelings.  So, I apologized.  But, after I apologized, I received no response.  What does this mean?  Am I forgiven?  It kept me up all night.  And, it is still bothering me today.  So, do I apologize again?  Hmmm…

Makes me so thankful that with God, I don’t have to apologize a second or third time.  I can ask for forgiveness and it is given.  Aren’t you glad that is how He works?  So often in life, though, we go around beating ourselves up for things that are under the blood.  Excuse the church jargon, but it is what it is.  Jesus died on the cross to take our sins and so if we ask for forgiveness, then it is “under the blood”.

3 responses to “Bad Me

  1. I love this! It is hard to not hear a response when you lay everything out and admit your shortcomings. Sometimes people aren’t ready to forgive, but the good news is that Jesus always forgives us. I’m so glad He does!

  2. Jacqueline

    Once you told someone you are sorry you are free, if the person does not respond, that is not your issue. When people act like that there most likely trying to control you.

  3. I accept your apology Jenny! Good post good analogy. Sleep well tonight my daughter!

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