15 Years and Counting

Today marks our 15th wedding anniversary.  What does this mean to me?  It means that for 15 years I have been blessed with a man who

  • opens every door for me (and I do mean EVERY DOOR!!!)
  • brings me a cup of coffee in bed every morning
  • cleans the kitchen for me most nights
  • puts fuel in my vehicle
  • will come home from work to start the lawn mower because I want to mow the lawn for him
  • takes the baby to the sitter for me
  • loves to watch HGTV with me
  • loves my family as much as his own
  • diligent in his work and is blessed for that
  • loves the Lord with all of his heart, mind, soul, and strength
  • is not lazy
  • has not lost interest in his passion (Motorcycles, in case you were wondering)
  • is a handyman extraordinaire
  • has good taste in furniture (because he listens to me) 😉
  • went through ALOT in order for us to have our own children
  • does not compromise his faith
  • and is willing to make sacrifices for those whom he loves

Thank you, John, for a wonderful first 15!  I look forward to every day with you!


8 responses to “15 Years and Counting

  1. Judy Dean

    Happy Anniversary Jen! Love y’all!

  2. I would add that although he doesn’t seek the spot light, when he speaks, everyone around him listens because wisdom follows him. If you are paying attention sometimes you hear something outrageous too! I’m so glad y’all haven’t been stump-haulers in your marriage. 😀

  3. Kathy

    Beautifully written! You are a blessed woman….not many have a list like that.

  4. Dad

    Happy anniversary. I will ad to your list about John. He has great taste! He married our daughter! Love you both! Dad

  5. Angie Grant

    Happy Anniversary!!!

  6. Melissa Stewart

    Happy Anniversary to two amazing people!!!!!! I love you both very much.

    I kept feeling yesterday like I was missing someone’s birthday. 😉 Here’s to many many more!!!

  7. Lori Lowery

    this blog was a discussion on a quadruple date i went on recently. after the discussion (mostly it was the girls doing the discussing!!), the guys have apparently decided the new thing is…”WWJBD” (what would john bryans do) 🙂
    he is a pretty good role model to follow!
    love you.

    • jbryans

      Lol! I’m going to have to remind him of what a role model he is—we had “intense fellowship” last night about something! 😉
      This is great!

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