They are Going to Eat Him Alive!

It has all started.  And I am a little afraid.  I don’t want to be afraid.  I know I am probably not supposed to be afraid.  Or maybe there is some unwritten law somewhere that says it is okay for mommies to be afraid from time to time.  There at least has to be a clause in there somewhere about the first time your child plays a team sport.  I mean, come on.  He’s my baby.  My first baby, anyway.  My firstborn.  Here are the reasons I am scared for my son:

  • He is little.  Well, okay, he’s tiny.  He only weighs about 35lbs soaking wet.  The darling daughter who is 22 months old is going to pass him up soon.  The size xs baseball pants that I bought him, fell to his knees when he took a step. 
  • He has no previous knowledge of baseball.  He doesn’t even remember playing t-ball at three-years-old.  The horror!  That would have lent itself well to this season.  He told me last night that there are three bases-1st, 2nd, and home.  Uh-oh!
  • He is not very athletic (that I know of).  He is more the creative, well-spoken type.  He loves, loves, loves movies and he acts out scenes from them.  He is the child who has an extensive vocabulary.
  • He is a rule follower.  This might work for him.  He will probably try to do everything the coaches tell him. 
  • He is a little ADD.  You might not think he is paying attention because he is lolly-gagging in his own little world, but when you ask him what you said, he can tell you verbatim.
  • I want him to be accepted by his peers.  What mother doesn’t, right?  I want him to have friends and be liked. 
  • I want him to have fun.  Because I payed $80 for him to play and I don’t want to deal with whining if he decides he doesn’t like it.
  • I don’t want him to get hurt.  He still kind of ducks when the ball comes toward him and if he gets smacked in the face, arm, leg etc, then this season is done. 

I could probably think of many more reasons that I am fearful for my son.  But, the truth is, is that I am excited for the little guy.  He seems to be having fun so far.  He is excited about going to practice and wearing his “baseball” clothes.  At least he will look the part.  Check him out!


7 responses to “They are Going to Eat Him Alive!

  1. He looks so cute !!! He will be fine Jenny, I know how you feel though. I am still holding on and not signing up for anything yet! My daughter is so ready to do something. I asked her if she wanted to play baseball, but she said no…..several times. Gymnastics is her thing, and I hear they have a very strict coach…..We’ll see.

  2. Jennifer (Clark) Schrier

    Aw Mom. I know it’s hard, but he’ll do fine. Do you and John get out and practice with him? My Mom and I were throwing in the yard one day and she gave me a black eye. I only remember Dad practicing with me after that. I started playing t-ball at the age of 5 and now 33 years later, I still cannot catch the ball without turning my head. I catch it and throw it back in the blink of an eye, but that head turn is ingrained. I loved t-ball and softball. Even though I didn’t make best friends with the girls (summer league and we didn’t go to the same schools), we knew each other over the years and were friendly. He’s going to learn so much about sportsmanship and working together. The first year will be extremely comical. Take it for what it is and watch out for the other parents. Keep us posted!

    ps…homeruns are worth $5. Just thought you should know. 🙂

    • jbryans

      Jen! Thanks for the encouragement. I know he will do great. I will remember that about the homeruns! Sounds like a fun tradition!

      • Jennifer Schrier

        LOL! My Mamaw would wave a $5 bill from the stands when my brother and I came up to bat. It was hysterical. I’m sure my parents were horrified at the time, but it’s a great memory now. They even conveniently forgot the horror and have started paying my nephew for homeruns. I don’t think my Mom has resorted to waving it in the stands, but there is definitely an agreement. Grandparents are silly. Tell your wonderful family hello for me. I like seeing your Mom’s pictures from her visit with you.

  3. jbryans

    I bet she will be great at gymnastics. Sam keeps asking for piano lessons, too. I think he just wants an excuse to play on the piano I am keeping for a friend.

  4. Judy Dean

    Sam and Evan will have something else to talk about! We signed Evan up for baseball too. He hasn’t started practices yet. I’m afraid he’ll want to back out mid-season, but his best friend will be on his team, so I’m sure he’ll have fun. I’m definitely interested to see how Evan will take to it. Mark is getting into it already and has started throwing the ball with him.

  5. Melissa Stewart

    Ahhhh, he is gonna be fine. He could use a little roughing up every once in awhile. Heath takes care of that. He is going to be awesome!!!!!

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