I Cannot Tell a Lie by Ruth Thompson

I Cannot Tell a Lie by Ruth Thompson is a faith-based children’s book written to convey a lesson about lying (duh) and the wonderful benefit of repentance.  Jody is a seven-year old girl who inadvertently breaks her mother’s antique cookie jar while getting an afternoon snack.  Out of fear, Jody chooses to not disclose this incident to her mother and when confronted with the issue, she plays dumb.  Jody’s mother is a wise Christian mother who takes the opportunity to use God’s Word to bring conviction rather than accuse her daughter.  Eventually the child comes clean and her mother leads her in a prayer of repentance.  After repenting, Jody feels all of her guilt disappear and her joy return. 

As a mother myself who has addressed the issues of repentance with my child, I really appreciate that Thompson did not simply have the child pray for forgiveness, but she also asked to be changed.  So many times I have heard children say sorry or ask for forgiveness, but repentance is not just about forgiveness.  Repentance is about change. 

Overall, I feel that this is a very well written children’s book.  Parents will appreciate it as a teaching tool while at the same time the children will enjoy the sweet illustrations.

3 responses to “I Cannot Tell a Lie by Ruth Thompson

  1. Jen, I am always interested in book suggestions. I took Nic on a playdate a few weeks ago to see his Aunt Debby where she nannys. He had the the cutest book you must check out…Sam could read it himself. It is called “No David” (it’s an award winner). We also liked “Don’t let the Pigeon Drive the Bus”.

  2. jbryans

    I’ll have to check out the pigeon book. I have seen the David ones before.

  3. The great thing about “No David” was the author wrote it when he was 5 and then became a children’s author and his mom found it and sent it to him he said at the time he used all the words he knew how to write and then he illustrated it… reminded me a little of Sam.

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