Library Time

I just got back from taking my five-year-old and 20 month-old to the county library.  Let’s just say that I imagine they are very happy that the books are not due back for two weeks.


6 responses to “Library Time

  1. Mitzi K

    When my kiddo’s were little, Lacey loved to go to the “Liefairy” where the all the book lived. One time when we walked in, Jeremy said with a loud whisper,” mommy where are the old people?
    I said what are you talking about, he said well we have to be quite at maw-maw’s home (nursing home) so he thought that the “liefairy was full of books and old people” lol!!! he is still not real fond of the library. As for Lacey we had to help her pronounce it the right way for-ever… Life is short, so let your babies have fun at the “liefairy” lol

  2. Hey Jenny, I am glad you added me to your blog, thanks for sharing your precious life with us. In our modern day era, we really don’t have the time as women to share and talk to one another as much as we should. I think this is a great way to stay in touch and aware of what goes on in our lives. Maybe someday I will blog too!
    About the IPhone, Isabelle got to play with one “once” Thomas and I don;t have them. Well, that was enough for her to ask for one for Christmas! I agree with you on setting limits on kids and technology. Instead, I got Belle a Leapster Explorer, they sell all kinds of neat learning electronic toys, some even look like a IPhone or small electronic books. You might want to try that with your kids if you want to get away from the IPhone issue. They love it and learn and keep entertained for hours. I had to tell her she could play an hour and a half each day.
    Thanks for sharing about your fashion likes, you have good taste! My husband has called me “Lady Fashion” for years as a cute little nick name he made for me. I love shopping and finding nice things.

    • jbryans

      Sam does have a Leapster and he and Devri both play on it. She just likes to turn it on and off to hear the sounds. But, he has a few games for it that he plays on. I like them because they are pretty educational. Sometimes you can find them on sale at Wal-mart. Thanks for reading! Hope Isabelle feels better soon.

  3. Kelli Caton

    I will follow your blog so I can see pictures of my cute nephew and niece!!!!! Love ya

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