A Few of My Favorite Things

As I type this blog, the song from The Sound of Music is running through my head…”and these are a few of my favorite things…”.  I love that movie.  So, I will begin by listing it as number one.

1.  The Sound of Music starring Julie Andrews in 1965

Every year I have this movie on my Christmas list.  This year my husband attempted to buy it and it was sold out. 

(Of course, he went shopping on Christmas Eve and probably only went to one store, BUT, he tried!)


2.  Cute recycled tote bags

I loooooove these bags.  They are so handy.  Not just for grocery shopping, either.  I use mine when we go to the beach, the library, camping trips, etc.  And the cute designs make them so much fun to use!

My step-daughter gave me a bundle of these for Christmas in different prints.  I cannot wait to use them!


3.  My Uggs

http://www.uggaustralia.com/ProductDetails.aspx?gID=w&productID=5803&model=Bailey Button

These really are the most comfortable boot I own.  The knock-offs are much cheaper, but no comparison on comfort.  Totally worth the money.

The step-daughter gets another high mark-she gave my 20 month-old little girl her first pair of Uggs for Christmas!  She might have started something she shouldn’t have!


4.  My North Face Osolita Jacket

This thing is like wearing a blanket.  I wear it around the house.  I wear it to the grocery store.  I wear it to the park.  I wear it whenever I can.  I am wearing it now!



5.  Allrecipes.com


Best website ever for finding new recipes.  Recipes are added by and rated by users.  I love to find recipes with a 4 or 5 star-rating and over 100 reviews.  If that many people have tried it and like it, then there is hope that my family will like it.  I think it is super cool when there have been more than 500 reviews.  I aspire to one day put a recipe on there that will receive that many reviews and attain a five star-rating.  But, for now, I will just use the website and pray my kids will eat it.  They also have an app for the i-phone called the “Dinner Spinner”.  You type in your ingredients and it spins out a recipe for you.  Really neat and it is free!


6.  The Pioneer Woman 


This woman is extraordinary!  She kind of overwhelms and intimidates me.  If I ever met her in real life, I think I would try to some how tap into her brain and pull out some of this talent and drive for myself.  Maybe I’ll do that over the internet.  She really is awesome!  And I really don’t know how she does it, but I have a great big , “YOU GO, GIRL!” just for her.

(I am not jealous.  I am not jealous.)


These are listed in random order.  I have many more favorites-including my beautiful children.  One of which is crying now because I am blogging instead of attending her needs.  I will post this now anyway because if I do not, then it will never be done. 

Thanks for reading! 


4 responses to “A Few of My Favorite Things

  1. Melissa Stewart

    I really like this post. It really sums you up. I totally love how the kids are last!!! 😉

  2. jbryans

    No random order! You know my kids are my absolute favorite! 🙂

  3. Those last two are two of my favorites too. Also on my list…my currnt list

    Clinque redness reducing makeup
    My Kindle which I do like more than my Coach bag but don’t tell the hubs.
    Occasionally a vanilla coke from Sonic (well a vanilla coke one)
    Salted Carmel Toffee Nut latte from Starbucks (Jenny turned me onto this salted business)

  4. jbryans

    My list is definitely not complete. I just ran out of time. I would definitely include my Kindle, the redness reducing make-up, Mary Kay mascara, and lots more!

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